We offer you preventive counselling so that you can find yourself, as a foreigner, in the most favourable situation within the Spanish territory.

  • We will write an action plan for a secure future as a foreigner and, if you are interested, up to obtaining the Spanish nationality.
  • If you are interested in being a Spanish resident, we can process all kinds of authorisations: residence permit, residence and work permit, family reunification residence permits.
  • If you are interested to study in Spain, we will assist you in the visa process, and the extensions of your stay, even if you want to work as a student or modify your permit.
  • If you want to invest in Spain, reside as an entrepreneur, we will assist you in all the concerning issues and we will prepare all the documents related to creating a company.
  • We will also assist you through all the procedures and obligations that, as a professional or entrepreneur foreigner, you have to fulfil during your stay, civil, labour, administrative, fiscal or tax related.
  • If you are a professional that requires a certification of equivalence, we can handle the administrative procedures from its inception until final approval of credentials.
  • In case of a visit from a family member or friend we can manage the procedure for obtaining the corresponding letter of invitation.
  • In addition we manage all real estate issues (rental or purchase) and your housing preparations so that your arrival is secure and you can save money and time, as if you were local.
  • When you want to return to your country of origin you can also count on our services.
  • Our assistance covers all the problems that you may have as a foreigner so we can help regularize your stay, such as:
    • Social and economic ties.
    • Asylum and refugee.
    • Authorisations to return.
  • In terms of labour law:
    • Assistance in the recognition of your rights as a foreign worker for your profession.
  • We will defend your rights and interests as a foreigner in all kinds of labour claims, as an individual or as a company.
  • We will advise you in everything that is related to old-age or disability benefits, specially for those agreements signed between your country of origin and Spain.
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