An appraisal is an independent expert’s report, absolutely necessary for a sector as complex as it is Real estate.

The expert / real estate appraiser must act independently, based on proven knowledge and judgment.

The appraisal is used primarily to know about the Real Estate market value, which means the best price a property can reach at a certain place and date. This market value is mainly ruled by the supply and demand law.

VILLA JULIANNA has suitably qualified professionals in the field of valuation of real property (land and buildings), they are able to obtain a reliable market value of urban assets.

VILLA JULIANNA’s appraisal and survey services focus on the following areas:

Services for individuals
  • Knowledge of the property’s value for inheritance purposes.
  • Valuation of a property for a separation of states.
  • Valuation of a property for a marital separation or divorce.
  • Allocation of lots of real estate in a will.
  • Buying or selling a home for someone’s own use or rent.
  • Purchase of a property for its exploitation.
  • Assessment for real estate investors.
  • Purchase of land for a real estate development.
  • Obtaining a mortgage loan.
  • Contribution of property to commercial companies to form civil societies with property.
  • Renovation of a house or commercial premises.
  • Establishment of co-operative housing and communities.
  • Tax filing (Transfers, Inheritance, Income Tax).
  • Establishment of rights of usufruct, use and housing. Rent transfer and estimate.
  • Public Administration contradictories (Land Registry, etc ...)
Services for legal proceedings
  • Forced execution of real estate bonds.
  • Property transfer as payment of debts.
  • Property deposits and bank guarantees.
  • Seizure in order to fix a public auction’s price.
  • Fixation of debtor’s solvency and mortgage asset backed security.
  • Assets guarantee for civil and criminal liability.
  • Dissolution of property jointly held by spouses, legal separation and divorce.
  • Tendering processes, suspension of payments and bankruptcies.
  • Testamentary proceedings and adjudication of inheritance.
  • Ordinary and verbal trials.
  • Fixation of prices for price altering plots.
  • Special courts procedures in labor courts for labor indemnities.
  • Counter-valuations by the Tax Authorities.
  • Property appraisal reports for compulsory acquisitions
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