VILLA JULIANNA helps its clients with the selection, feasibility study and the execution of property investments.
An investment in an equity or lease can be very complex since it depends on many factors (location of the property, socio-economic condition of the property’s environment, social situation, state of the building, purpose of the investment, etc.).
A good investment advise, supported by a study and a follow-up, will become a success in the long term.
VILLA JULIANNA focuses on three types of clients/investors:

Corporate investors

Corporate investors include defined investment strategies and profitability pre-established objectives. VILLA JULIANNA’s first job will be to help define the markets and the types of real estate assets that will best suit your investment strategy and your expected profitability. Once the markets and the assets types are set, VILLA JULIANNA will provide the Corporate Investors with:
  • Reports on sectorial trends and projections.
  • Suitable assets for investment.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Investments financial analysis.
  • Negotiations for structured finance operations.
  • Search for co-investors in higher-value operations.
  • Real Estate Management.
  • Divestment planning.
Family assets

Family assets need to diversify the risks of their investments and that is why they need consultants specialized in different markets. VILLA JULIANNA, as an expert consultant in the real estate market, will provide you with the necessary knowledge in order to define your real estate investment strategy, in terms of market as well as asset types. VILLA JULIANNA has the knowledge and the expertise necessary to implement the family investment strategy: analysis of operations, seeking for financing, negotiating of contracts, managing assets and planning the divestment.

International investments

VILLA JULIANNA offers its clients as well as potential investors, a service in accordance to the new needs of diversification and search of alternative markets. VILLA JULIANNA offers a complete range of services to investors abroad, from generating operations to planning the divestment.
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